Over 25 years of experience in a variety of technology and manufacturing industries, including computer manufacturing, automotive, telematics, and textile products. Specific areas of expertise include business process management, IT development – including agile development and web applications, program and project management, technology planning, technology integration, and supply chain management.

Selected examples of experience that involve manufacturing include:

  • Created process maps for domestic electrode manufacturing. Implemented improved procedures for operations, including an improved traveler system for tracking manufacturing processes. Created process maps for internal and outsourced assembly manufacturing. Created task groups for harmonizing the assembly process in the outsourced manufacturing environment. As a result, significantly improved manufacturing processes for mixing, coating, calendaring and slitting.
  • Project Manager leading the development of business process maps of all U.S. manufacturing for one of the top three U.S. automotive companies. The entire order-to-delivery process was detailed and validated by veteran employees of the company. The purpose was to communicate the extent and complexity of the process across organizational silos, align cross-organizational processes and educate vendors and consultants. It was used to identify opportunities for replacing legacy systems and to develop a software migration strategy and estimated cost for future development.

Selected examples of experience that involve supply chain management and logistics include:

  • Project Manager leading a business process analysis of the North American Distribution Organization for a Fortune 500 computer manufacturing company. Managed a team of client employees and consultants to develop business process maps for logistics processes – including carrier appointment scheduling, delivery notification, cross-border distribution, returns management, and promotional order tracking.
  • Project Manager leading a team of business consultants to analyze inventory replenishment policies for a large MidWest Retailer. Process related tasks included modeling and simulating the business processes associated with inventory management. Specific objectives included identifying the appropriate process metrics for inventory management, educating the client employees on the dynamics of the replenishment algorithms and their interactions with the systems, and selection of an optimized replenishment algorithm. New process metrics that included hidden costs were identified, data sampling methods were altered to improved visibility of inventory dynamics, and incentive programs for on-the-floor employees were revised as a consequence. An awareness of the total costs allowed management to move forward with an understanding that replenishment algorithms may have to be modified or replaced as metrics change over time – eg. Transportation costs and handling costs.
  • Program Manager leading a multi-disciplinary team from three DOE National Laboratories in a collaborative effort with the U.S. Integrated Textile Complex – including DuPont, JC Penney, Sara Lee, Walmart, Levi, Lands End, LL Bean. Process related tasks included mapping the business and operational processes across multi-company value chains, including all operations from fiber to consumer product. A framework that captured the knowledge was designed and developed into a dynamic simulation capability that allowed the user to model custom value chain structures, run what-if scenarios and predict profitability of decision policies.

See the textile industry process maps here: Textile Industry Process Maps